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                 THE IREPCHS STORY

Here at IREPchs we are fortunate to be a homegrown company that draws our inspiration from this place we call home. As others have said and the awards have shown, Charleston is the best city in the world! It feels great to be able to release these snapback hats that truly highlight the distinctive, various locales in and around the Charleston metro as never done  before. We are excited and thrilled for the opportunity to provide you a locally inspired product; one that you can proudly wear to display your area specific allegiance. We hope you come along for the ride and be sure to tell family and friends. The fun has just begun!


IREPchs founder and owner, Derek is a proud native of Charleston, South Carolina. He left Charleston to follow his pursuit to play Division I baseball and later served honorably in the US Coast Guard. Inevitably, he gravitated back to his hometown to be near family, friends, and the community he loves. The epiphany for his first batch of snapback hats came to fruition in the first few weeks of 2017 as he successfully designed, produced, and targeted them to rep Charleston’s iconic downtown peninsula.  After receiving encouraging feedback and swift interest, he decided to take a deep breath, dive into the fray and launch IREPchs in February of 2017. 

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